There is something about California in October. The Golden State. Golden for a reason.

Driving down the highway leaving Salinas, heading south over Paso and San Louis Obispo. They call it Monterey wine country and it’s pretty fascinating just how many vineyards there are. Miles and miles of grapes until 101 S leaves it’s inland route and you finally see the glittering of the pacific ocean in Pismo Beach.

Lunch-tip: Thomas Hill Organics (1313 Park Street) in Paso Robles, delish! Danny had their smoked salmon sandwich and I had the goats cheese sandwich with a glass of Pinot Grecio. Quick stop, good food and on the way out get a latte from Kreuzberg Coffee Company. If you haven’t been to Berlin and especially if you haven’t been to Berlin-Kreuzberg, this shop is a must. Or if you like coffee as much as I do. It’s on 725 13th Street.

Heading yet further south for a couple more hours through the American riviera, Santa Ynez – Santa Barbara and Montecito.

Lunch-tip: (I’m all about lunch) If you’re looking to grab lunch in Santa Barbara, you must try the Four Seasons right in between Santa Barbara and Montecito. (1260 Channel Dr.) It’s Four Seasons- so- it’s pretty much perfection. Bottoms up, here comes your 5* hospitality service.

There is two ways to get to Ojai, you either stay on 101 until Ventura and then head inland (on 126 to 150) or you take 33 at the Ventura Fairgrounds and head uphill through the backcountry. I prefer the 33 route but it’s pretty windy and if you gotta be in Ojai quick then take 126/150.

Ojai Valley Inn

You know that I work in hospitality for a good reason. And that reason is that I love hotels. I especially love really good hotels. Ojai Valley Inn is one of those.

The service is intentional, the property is stunning and I love spending time there!

Above the fireplace is the gift I gave to Danny it’s a star map of the night him and I met! It’s from The Night Sky.

Danny and I got to share a super-special-unforgettable-kind of Pink Moment this time around and even Dora Lunerkind got to come. Bless her, she’s such a good traveler!


Hands-down, one of our favorite dinners was enjoyed at Olavilla the main restaurant at the Inn.

Italian-Californian-Organic. Perfect presentation and really incredible service!

(And their pottery is also very pretty, no I didn’t take any but I wanted to.)

A special mention has to go to the desert, which was the perfect presentation:


All in all Ojai Valley Inn is the perfect resort for a getaway and especially in autumn. They are really good celebrating the seasons and I gotta appreciate that! The weather was incredible, about 75F in mid-October. Ojai truly has a very special place in my heart! A must visit!

And one more from me and Dora, we took this after dinner in Paso Robles at about 10:30pm. It’s hilarious- look at her paw, so sassy (that’s her real personality).

Thank you so much for traveling with me again! Cheerio!

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