August Astrology: Power to the people

“But I want you to remember that struggle and strife come before success, even in the dictionary!” -Jessica in Post Grad (the movie)

Sit tight, fasten your seat-belts, August astrology is going to be bumpy, fast and furious. The stars go from simmer to sizzle serving up major moments of change. Leo season, partial Aquarius lunar eclipse, Sun, Mars, Jupiter-Pluto square grand finale and solar eclipse (they call this one life altering, uh-oh) and Mercury going retrograde. We’ll be sure to feel all the feels this month. Let’s break it down and see how we can make it through. Let’s go!

The sun sign: Oh you courageous Leo

Our favorite sun sign is up, the ever-courageous Leo until August 22 and to sweeten the ride, fearless Mars is alongside all month. Ready to roar with a August 21 total solar eclipse in a very rare Leo new moon that can be described as bold, self-expression, and stunning in what it will reveal. Karma calls leadership. Step up or ship out. The sun sign Leo is described as fierce and with that solar eclipse in it’s sign, plus that second new moon (usually only one per sign) you will feel that times a thousand. You’d do good to replace ego-driven-anything with true heroism. Do good for your people.

Hi Aquarius & lunar eclipse

There is lots of good in Aquarius truthful, curious, affectionate, frank and oh-so-imaginative. With all positive there must be not-so-positive also and that can be unpredictable, detachment tendencies and the ‘go off-track’ mindset. Hermit crab?

So in the midst of this, on Monday August 7th Aquarius brings us a partial lunar eclipse. And along with it comes the revealing need to come together around issues that affect you. Eclipses bring inevitable changes and turning points, pushing us off the fence if we’ve been wishy-washy and demanding that we take a stand. Watch out for this one as feelings of resentment will be hard to swallow during this time.

Retrograde #1: Uranus (soften up)

Uranus retrogrades equal a choose your battle scenario. This already happened on August 2nd and occurred in Aries. It’s an annual thing for Uranus and he’s napping until January 2nd. So be it. Uranus usually asks to tone things down, ain’t no edgy behavior getting you anywhere right now. Choose your battles wisely, it may be all too easy be get the ‘rebel without cause stamp’. I’m a Gemini, so rebelling might as well be my damn middle-name. I always have to watch out for this one. I usually choose to roll my eyes instead and put it off. I’m really good at rolling my eyes.

Retrograde #2: MERCURY TA-DA in Virgo

Mercury, the ruler of travel, technology, and communication, also retrogrades from August 12th to September 5th, because we obviously don’t already have enough to deal with. It’s shadow started on July 24th and we’ve been feeling it. Mercury in Virgo that is analytical and critical will ensure that if you choose to dish out some criticism you’ll get it right back. Do yourself a big favor and do it sparingly if you must. Leave it out if you can. Remember what I said up top for Uranus in retrograde, roll your eyes instead, it’ll save yourself a lot this month.

Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, and that Virgo is also ruled by mercury (and so am I as Gemini), some of the best, strongest, most fearless, kind and loyal people I know are Leo/Virgo cusp’s and it is the sign of ‘taking care of yourself’ so use this retrograde to research a healthy lifestyle. Don’t implement anything crazy though. It won’t last, it just won’t. It’s Mercury in retrograde. You’ll start something new and you’ll have stopped following along by the time it’s mid September. That’s just how it is. Mercury is reflective, watch your spending too, keep that Platinum Amex in your wally.

Digital technology is about as unstable as it will be, as both Uranus and Mercury messing with technology. Strengthen your sensitive data passwords, watch the email ‘reply all’ button because you just know you want to be snarky when you really shouldn’t.

Umm… Jupiter-Pluto Square equals power struggle

August 4th serves up the third and final Jupiter-Pluto square, it’s first one happened back in November 2016, second one on March 30th 2017. The worldly-Jupiter is in relationship-Libra and shadowy-Pluto is in hierarchy-ruler-Capricorn. Perfect and thank you very much.

Sometimes I wish that all I knew about ‘Jupiter’ would be the 1950’s and real-time town in Florida so sweetly described in American Horror Story . Ugh. But there is the planet Jupiter, the fifth planet out from the Sun, two and a half times more massive than all the other planets in the solar system combined. Let’s call Jupiter a force and we’ll capture it’s power about halfway.

So basically we’ll be busy sorting through important dynamics, figuring out how to balance control and compromise. CONTROL AND COMPROMISE, most people only know the one but not the other. We would do good ensuring to brush up on the fact that there is no control without compromise and not the other way around. Investigate for yourself also though, are you giving your power away to be liked or to keep the peace? Again, resentment isn’t good for anybody this month.

Squares have a bad reputation, and so do retrogrades. Because they create conflicts.

But they create conflicts that are designed to help us evolve.

“Do not claim you want to grow and then run away the minute you feel growing pains.” -Bossbabe on Pinterest 

When it takes a crisis situation or severe discomfort  before we snap out of denial and take action. So maybe you need to speak up, or open up and be vulnerable with someone. Stagnant patterns are ready to burst. Balloon + needle = burst. Let’s go!

Reward for what we’ve been through: The Saturn retrograde is over

Controlling and  oh-so-pushy Saturn ends its four-month retrograde in the ever-adventurous Sagittarius on August 25th. This retrograde will help our visionary plans to finally get un-stuck and move ahead. This is the time to see things through to completion! Just do it, ain’t no more Saturn in the way to mess you up!

Remember that through all this, through all the suggestions and thoughts of uh-oh what is going to happen, that your life is made by you. It’s how you let it affect you and what you make of it!

Thank you so much for reading! Cheerio!
*Pictures taken on the one and only, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California – Statebeach. #CaliforniaPicturesque #Blessed 

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