Mercury is in Retrograde and whats to learn

You may have heard me or others say “Uh-oh Mercury is in retrograde again”, but what does it mean and what can the effects be?

The first full retrograde this year started its pre-shadow phase on 3/27, from earth sign Taurus and we will start feeling the effects once Mercury is in its station on 4/9 and on May 3rd Mercury will go direct in fire sign Aries.
What is a retrograde even?
 A retrograde simply is a period of time of which planets (not just Mercury, Mars and Venus do it too, all in April for that matter) appear to go backwards against the stars in the sky. This usually occurs 3 or 4 times a year.
Why does it happen?
Mercury’s orbit is closest to the sun, so it completes its orbit is about 88 days, compered to the earth 365 days. As a result of that, we first experience Mercury moving forward as it passes the earth on our side of the sun, and once its gone past – it slows down and begins to move backwards as it races along on the farther side of the sun from our perspective.
And the effects?
Mercury makes things not settle. There are plenty of people out there who will tell you not to sign anything during Mercury retrograde, no contracts, no leases, don’t start anything new. Try not to book travel. I am definitely one of those people. Mercury rules communication and travel.
HOWEVER, I am a believer in knowing what to expect will make you be proactive and aware. It’s where you put your intention that will become reality. Best foot forward.
The take away!
Retrograde simply means to take time to review, reconsider, rethink and return for more info!
 “When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s the perfect time to restructure thought and belief patterns that no longer serve you. Ask yourself how you can re-write your story.”
Future Retrograde dates in 2017:
Virgo- August 12. through September 5. 2017
Sagittarius- December 2. through December 23. 2017
Let’s do this!

One Comment on “Mercury is in Retrograde and whats to learn

  1. Uh, yes, I’ve heard you exclaim “Uh, oh” and then something about mercury and wondered “what?” Well, now I know! Thanks for the education. I am a bit spontaneous and emotional in manner, so this is a good reminder for me!


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